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Hear what our clients are saying about us!

“What a pleasure to recommend Eve as a helper, problem solver, and organizer! Eve is focused, efficient, bright, and capable in what she undertakes. Recently she emptied and revised my husband’s art studio, revamping it creatively and almost doubling the useful space. Quick, decisive, honest, hardworking and personable."   

-Naomi G., M.D.



"We are happy to recommend Eve Feldman. We have known Eve for years, and have employed her services many times over. She is responsible, professional, extremely organized, and very easy to work with. She has great ideas, and is able to execute them quickly and thoroughly. She gets the job done, and changes our lives for the better. We can trust her with anything, and we never want to be without her services!"

-Julie and Warren L.,



"I hired Eve to assist with pre and post work in procuring a condo (townhouse) in Sarasota. Eve remained engaged throughout the whole project, sending updates frequently. I found Eve to be extremely resourceful, and very knowledgeable about services in Sarasota. I live far away and had to rely on her to not only get the transaction completed, but to inspect the properties considered, supervise the renovations, accept the deliveries, and to source furniture companies. Eve did an amazing job, and I would highly recommend her. Her fees are reasonable and her service is top notch."

-Robin K.

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